Defective Recollection

DefectiveRecollectionCover600Defective Recollection is Canadian Composer Christopher Ludwig's 9th cd release and consists of his latest Art Songs for Baritone voice. This album features Baritone Cliff Ridley, Christopher Ludwig on Flute, Alina Khvatova on Violin, and Tatiana Khvatova and Danielle Marcinek on Piano.

This newly recorded cd contains settings of the composer's own poetry, as well as two settings of the Adages of Erasmus. The album is an artistic journey through the composer's childhood memories; a voyage attempting to make sense of the imperfect and confusing nature of the echos of past memory, image and emotions, as they ripple into the present and future.

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Baritone - Cliff Ridley
Christopher Ludwig - Music, Flute
Alina Khvatova - Violin
Tatiana Khvatova, Danielle Marcinek - Piano

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Cliff Ridley (1 - 19)
Alina Khvatova (1 - 3)
Christopher Ludwig (18 - 19)
Tatiana Khvatova (1 - 4) Danielle Marcinek (5 - 17)
Desiderius Erasmus (1 - 2) Traditional Anglican (3) Christopher Ludwig (4 - 19)

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